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The Price of Perfection: Don’t Wait for the Perfect Home

Michelle White  |  July 10, 2024

Why Your Asking Price Matters Even More Right Now

Michelle White  |  July 9, 2024

Not a Crash: 3 Graphs That Show How Today’s Inventory Differs from 2008

Michelle White  |  July 8, 2024

Things To Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage [INFOGRAPHIC]

Michelle White  |  July 5, 2024

Homeownership: The Heart of the American Dream

Michelle White  |  July 4, 2024

Homeowners Gained $28K in Equity over the Past Year

Michelle White  |  July 3, 2024

Real Estate Still Holds the Title of Best Long-Term Investment

Michelle White  |  July 2, 2024

What To Do When Your House Didn’t Sell

Michelle White  |  July 1, 2024

Housing Market Forecast for the 2nd Half of 2024 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Michelle White  |  June 28, 2024

The Difference Between an Inspection and an Appraisal

Michelle White  |  June 27, 2024

Focus on Time in the Market, Not Timing the Market

Michelle White  |  June 26, 2024

How Long Will It Take To Sell My House?

Michelle White  |  June 25, 2024

The Downsides of Selling Your House Without an Agent

Michelle White  |  June 21, 2024

Housing Market Forecast: What’s Ahead for the 2nd Half of 2024

Michelle White  |  June 24, 2024

Why a Vacation Home Is the Ultimate Summer Upgrade

Michelle White  |  June 20, 2024

What You Need To Know About Today’s Down Payment Programs

Michelle White  |  June 19, 2024

Worried About Mortgage Rates? Control the Controllables

Michelle White  |  June 18, 2024

Do Elections Impact the Housing Market?

Michelle White  |  June 17, 2024

Real Estate Is Still the Best Long-Term Investment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Michelle White  |  June 14, 2024

Homebuilders Aren’t Overbuilding, They’re Catching Up

Michelle White  |  June 13, 2024

Home Prices Aren’t Declining, But Headlines Might Make You Think They Are

Michelle White  |  June 12, 2024

Savings Strategies Every First-Time Homebuyer Needs To Know

Michelle White  |  June 11, 2024

Selling Smart: Why a Real Estate Agent Makes All the Difference

Michelle White  |  June 10, 2024

The Wealth-Building Power of Homeownership [INFOGRAPHIC]

Michelle White  |  June 7, 2024

Your Equity Could Make a Move Possible

Michelle White  |  June 6, 2024

The Sweet Spot for Buying Luxury Homes

Michelle White  |  June 5, 2024

What To Expect if You Buy or Sell a Home This June

Michelle White  |  June 4, 2024

More Than a House: The Emotional Benefits of Homeownership

Michelle White  |  June 3, 2024

Top Reasons To Own a Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

Michelle White  |  May 31, 2024

The Biggest Mistakes Buyers Are Making Today

Michelle White  |  May 30, 2024

How an Agent Helps Market Your House

Michelle White  |  May 29, 2024

Why So Many People Fall in Love with Homeownership

Michelle White  |  February 14, 2024

Don’t Let the Latest Home Price Headlines Confuse You

Michelle White  |  February 15, 2024

Achieve Your Dream of Homeownership with Condos and Townhomes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Michelle White  |  February 16, 2024

How Do Climate Risks Affect Your Next Home?

Michelle White  |  May 28, 2024

How VA Loans Can Help You Buy a Home

Michelle White  |  May 27, 2024

Your Agent Is the Key To Pricing Your House Right [INFOGRAPHIC]

Michelle White  |  May 24, 2024

Questions You May Have About Selling Your House

Michelle White  |  May 23, 2024

How Many Homes Are Investors Actually Buying?

Michelle White  |  May 22, 2024

Worried About Home Maintenance Costs? Consider This

Michelle White  |  May 21, 2024

What’s Next for Home Prices and Mortgage Rates?

Michelle White  |  May 20, 2024

Should I Rent or Buy a Home? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Michelle White  |  May 17, 2024

The Number of Homes for Sale Is Increasing

Michelle White  |  May 16, 2024

Why a Condo May Be a Great Option for Your First Home

Michelle White  |  May 15, 2024

Thinking of Selling? You Want an Agent with These Skills

Michelle White  |  May 14, 2024

Home Prices Are Climbing in These Top Cities

Michelle White  |  May 13, 2024

The Sun Is Shining on Sellers This Summer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Michelle White  |  May 13, 2024

The Top 2 Reasons To Consider a Newly Built Home

Michelle White  |  May 9, 2024

How Buying or Selling a Home Benefits Your Community

Michelle White  |  May 8, 2024

Tips for Younger Homebuyers: How To Make Your Dream a Reality

Michelle White  |  May 7, 2024

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